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Alpha Rotex

Frankfurt Airport, Germany

At a height of 56 meters the office block is the highest building.

The Alpha building plot is the starting point for the Business Center which is to be built here. Striking buildings which serve as a symbol from afar are grouped around a spacious plaza, under which there is a two-story underground car park.

At a height of 56 meters the office block is the highest building. It consists of three blocks whose footprint resembles, and which, as of the eight storey, rotate at an angle of 90° around the access core. The torsion creates deep indentations and a meandering pattern of open and closed areas. The outer shell consists of a metal window strip façade, which at indentations are replaced by large glass surfaces. Alpha 2 consists of two hotels with different sized natural stone façades.

The top of the larger building consists of a bridge with exclusive rooms, from which panoramic windows provide a view of the runways.

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