Jo. Franzke Architekten Jo. Franzke Architekten


Estate Im Mainfeld

Frankfurt am Main , Germany

The new district will effectively link old Niederrad to a new Mainpark.

In the 1970s ten residential high-rises were built on the periphery of Niederrad close to the River Main; today the area is considered a social flashpoint. In order to upgrade the district an urban development competition was held, which was won by the design Jo. Franzke Architekten submitted. The plan represents a new concept for the estate based on the idea of reversing the rigid focus on high-rise structures. The standalone high-rises will be incorporated and upgraded through a special development with mixed usage. The street dividing them from the river “Am Niederräder Ufer" will be relocated and ample connecting streets will be created. The new district will effectively link “old” Niederrad to a new Mainpark. It will be divided into four building typologies: the core district with blocks, rows of housing lining Elli Lucht Park, standalones near the Main and the special development around the three high-rises. Detailed urban planning specifications apply for these sections.

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