Jo. Franzke Architekten Jo. Franzke Architekten



Frankfurt am Main, Germany

"The boundaries of the Nidda valley park should be clearly defined."

Following a peer review Jo. Franzke Architekten assumed responsibility for redesigning the end buildings in the Heinrich Lübke residential development. This involves rendering more energy efficient and modernizing an existing seven-story building with a penthouse level, and building a new shopping center and six-story passivhaus-style residential building. The existing commercial spaces will be dismantled. Overlooking the road the supermarket will be clearly visible and, together with a residential block right angles to Ludwig Landmann Strasse, will create a new entree to the development. The ground floor will feature commercial space for small trade, and hospitality outlets. A terrace and the main steps lining the change in elevation offer a view of the Nidda valley, invite people to linger, and hark back to the key design concept of Ernst May (“The boundaries of the Nidda valley park should be clearly defined.” ). The underground car park beneath the new building takes advantage of the change in elevation.