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Vincentius Areal


The new quarter directly connects the historic centre of Constance with the Wilhelminian Time "Paradies" quarter. The new quarter is well situated. Its prominent situation and the infrastructure make it a desirable place to live. The current urbanistic separates the Niederburg from the Paradies Quarter. The former gate to the Paradies Quarter and the Humboldt Gymnasium has no practical function: The Schottenkapelle church is hidden behind bushes and the fence of the grammar school separates the urban space.

The new building follows the concept of the closed block development. To the Northern, Eastern and Western side the buiding has four storeys and a penthouse. Some extra buildings contain maisonettes and technical facilities. The height of the building follows the height of the buildings in the neighbourhood. At the Southern side, the block has one story less and is therefore of the same height as the St Vincentius building. At the Southern side, the building defines an urban place. With its coherent plaster, the idea of forming a new place is strengthened.The Schottenkapelle is in focus again. 

The old trees are protected and can properly be distinguished one from another. At the Schottenplatz, retail space and town houses are positioned. The bus stop is situated at the Eastern side of the urban place.

At the Western Side, the building follows the closed block development. A "secret garden" and the trees complete the scenery. The landscape design reacts to the topography.

To harmonize the architecture and the landscape design, a special housing type was developed, that potentially allows you to realize all types of residentials and all types of site plans. Ten residentials are to be built, each with a distinct address but also with ensemble character. Different types of flats, 101 alltogether, are to be realized.