Jo. Franzke Architekten Jo. Franzke Architekten


Hotel, Concert and Congress Center

Constance, Germany

Close to the railway station, the area known as „Klein-Venedig" (Little Venice) has been identified for the project.

The historical “Konzilsgebäude”, which has served up until now as a congress center, no longer meets modern standards. The new Bodenseeforum is destined to provide a cutting-edge solution and attract a new type of tourists. Close to the railway station, the area known as „Klein-Venedig" (Little Venice) has been identified for the project.

In terms of urban design, the configuration chosen is three clearly divided volumes, which stand on a square podium. This serves both to elevate the complex and doubles up as an underground car park, which is suffused with natural light thanks to three circular skylights. The rectangular concert and congress center represents the middle section of the complex. It consists of a glass shell, into which two auditoriums with wooden paneling (with 1,500 and 500 seats respectively) are inset like boxes. The side wings – a cube-shaped casino and an elongated hotel – are lower.

As in the main building, here again the facades alternate between transparency, translucence and opaqueness, and at night appear like large illuminated surfaces. In the current plans the casino is omitted. Instead, the forum has a stronger urban function fostering a link between Kreuzlingen in Switzerland and Constance.

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