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Gate A

Frankfurt Airport, Germany

The interior is characterized by select materials and colors.

An airport is a constantly expanding building project. Lufthansa, Frankfurt Airport’s biggest client, is growing likewise and A Wing in Terminal 1 was converted especially for the airline. The concept behind this conversion work is one of total transparency. 

All divisions necessary for orderly functioning on the inside consist of glass panels or simple stainless steel railings. The interior is characterized by select materials and colors. There is also a very low-key information sign system which serves to underscore the overall noble and elegant impression. The all-dominating feature of the interior, however, is the design of the ceiling and its accompanying lighting. The light is reflected from the edges of folded aluminum sheets that are illuminated by lights visibly integrated under the ceiling. This makes the ceiling, which initially seems low and oppressive appear higher than it actually is and devoid of material.

Deliberately designing areas to be lit with varying degrees of intensity counters the mishmash of lighting usually evident in such spaces. Not least of all, the select materials, a restrained color palette, careful textures and the carefully considered lighting solutions should also leave their mark on the Lufthansa image.

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Level 0
Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Level 0

The overall concept for the areas below ground level is based on the premise that visitors move around in spaces and never in corridors.