Jo. Franzke Architekten Jo. Franzke Architekten


Hafen- strasse

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The project hinges on an eight-storey apartment house on Hafenstraße.

Situated on the site of a former post office, the new buildings will emulate the inner-city block structure – in a central location in Frankfurt/Main. The project hinges on an eight-storey apartment building on Hafenstrasse. In the Rudolf- and Niddastrasse section there will be a seven-storey residential building, and an eight-storey apartment block on Poststrasse. The latter will feature 67 apartments (Wohnen A) and will be realized as subsidized housing, and be built to passivhaus standard with a rendered façade and an integrated compound insulation system.

The breastwork of the balconies is conceived as columns or frames, with (possibly printed) canvas covers to act as a semi-transparent privacy screen. On the corner of Rudolf and Niddastrasse there will be an L-shaped apartment building with 113 small apartments (Wohnen B) again built to the passivhaus standard. A special highlight is achieved by landscaping the entire roof area. 

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