Jo. Franzke Architekten Jo. Franzke Architekten


House of the Press

Berlin, Germany

The windows are stamped into the facade at irregular intervals.

Located behind the former Ullstein Verlag building, near to Charlottenstrasse, Kochstrasse and Markgrafenstrasse, Haus der Presse stands in what was once the Berlin publishing district. With its sharp angles, the plot called for a corner building. Haus der Presse adjoins the peripheral block building of the “Berlinisches Leben” administrative building and, in both shape and materials, calls to mind the publishing house buildings around Markgrafenstrasse that were destroyed in the War.

A clinker-faced office segment merges into a glass wing. On Markgrafenstrasse all public areas of the building are on show behind a double-sheeted transparent glass façade: the foyer, the management board’s offices plus the conference and meeting rooms. At the rear, the wing is faced in titanium zinc in a large diamond pattern. The windows are stamped into the façade at irregular intervals. The contrast between the two buildings is reflected in their respective ground plans.

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