Jo. Franzke Architekten Jo. Franzke Architekten


University Library

Al Fateh, Libya

The latter flooded with light affords a view into the reading room.

The West entrance to the library is made up of a generously proportioned two-storey foyer. The latter flooded with light affords a view into the reading room. In the manner of a courtyard the foyer groups around its periphery other facilities such as cloakroom, café, information area, checkout terminal and exhibition area. Cascading steps extend to all levels in strip of natural light well. A four-storey glass facade ensures any noise in the foyer is not heard in the central reading room. The glass façade affords a spectacular view of the reading room, which is stepped like a tribune facing the foyer. For those in the reading room the semitransparent nature of the glass façade only allows a diffuse view of the foyer ensuring peace and quiet for study. The foyer flooded with light and the reading room bathed in subdued light give the interior of the building a bright, spacious appearance. The building is topped by its transparent fourth floor, which not only houses the library’s compact shelving but also the administration section. As a complement to the rising reading room, the auditorium – located opposite the foyer – has ascending seating reminiscent of an amphitheater. It is accessed from the East side via a newly planted olive grove. The amphitheater, which can also be used for public events, will be given a separate entrance with a spacious foyer.