Jo. Franzke Architekten Jo. Franzke Architekten


Westend Campus

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

 To this end the buildings are assembled in groups and aligned at the edge of the piece of land.

The design aims to create a space which enables both communication and retreat. The campus buildings form the end of a green corridor, from Palmengarten through Grüneberg Park to the campus. To this end the buildings are assembled in groups and aligned at the edge of the piece of land. As such the addresses of individual institute departments will be Miquelallee and Hansaallee.

The compact architecture also provides protection from vehicle emissions from the surrounding roads. Passages between the institute buildings and their glass halls reveal how the campus is interlaced with the surrounding quarters. There will be a large university park, which will accommodate major facilities (lecture halls, cafeteria) along the Poelzig building axis, as well as clusters of other facilities (housing, the Holzmann School, university accommodation) are arranged.

Along Miquelallee the university appears as a strip of similarly-sized buildings, terminating at the central library at the junction with Adickesallee.

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In the 1970s ten residential high-rises were built on the periphery of Niederrad close to the River Main; today the area is considered a social flashpoint. In order to upgrade the district an urban development competition was held, which was won by the design Jo. Franzke Architekten submitted. The plan represents a new concept for the estate based on the idea of reversing the rigid focus on high-rise structures.