Jo. Franzke Architekten Jo. Franzke Architekten


Bank building

Gera, Germany

 The teller hall was designed in the generous opulence typical of bank buildings of the day

The bank building at 26 Humboldtstrasse is an unusual old building. Although conventional in the construction is of unusual clarity. The teller hall was designed in the generous opulence typical of bank buildings of the day, and was constructed from the most modern of materials such as steel and glass. An almost square, one-story wing facing the garden was connected to the three-story office building with its steep pitched roof facing the street.

The teller hall rose from its triple-nave footprint and was crowned with a glass-covered steel roof. In terms of proportion, from the very outset there was something questionable about the size of the annex in relation to the main building. However, this did not apply to the impression the interior made. In the 1920s and ‘60s additional stories were added to the rear section and the ceiling of the teller hall, with its four classical columns, was lowered. All the capitals were destroyed and the large glass ceiling was lost. For the conversion alterations to the substance of the building were limited to the design of the self service zone and the division of the main building into the necessary office units.

All other measures were geared to establishing the original shape of the building, reconstructing the teller hall and restoring the historical facade. Great attention was paid to the original symmetry of the footprint and the halls were returned to their original conditions in terms of proportions and materials. Here the focus was on recreating the columns in the hall. The glass roof itself was returned to its original condition taking into account the existing steel construction and all present-day regulations with regard to smoke extraction and ventilation.