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Planning office building Oststern has started

Hanauer Landstraße leads eastward from Frankfurt's City Center. For decades the surrounding was dominated by retail buildings. A change has come since 1990. New office and residential buildings are to be erected. Jo. Franzke Generalplaner is currently planning a new office building in "Oststern"-Areal for Lang&Cie. The building with a GSA of around 8000m² is prominently places between Hanauer Landstraße and a public place. Its polygonal shaped corner reacts to the special situation. The facade is separated into three facets in different sizes which correspond with the surroundings. Even in its details, the facade repeats the polygonal shapes. The building shall be completed in 2022.


[Translate to EN:] Pediment houses for Stuttgart's Center

The new draft changed the original idea: Three pediment houses will become four. The concept for the courtyard where the residentials are, will have green facades. The total area of 11.240 square meters is subdivided into 3731for residentials and 5000 for offices, resatuarant and retail.


Neubebauung Eberhardstraße 18 bis 22

Am Freitag, 18. Januar 2019, wurden beide Arbeiten erneut der 13-köpfigen Jury vorgestellt. Nach eingehenden Beratungen verständigten sich die Jurymitglieder – Vertreter des Bauherren, der Stadt Stuttgart sowie unabhängige Experten – darauf, den Entwurf des Büros Jo. Franzke Generalplaner GmbH den weiteren Planungen für die Neubebauung des Grundstückes zu Grunde zu legen und entsprechend der Hinweise der Jury weiter zu entwickeln. Wesentlich für die Entscheidung war die mehrheitliche Auffassung der Jurymitglieder, dass das zu bebauende Grundstück „Teil der Altstadt“ ist und erst jenseits der Steinstraße das „Neue Bauen“ beginnen soll. Mit seiner modernen Interpretation von Altstadthäusern, unterlegt mit „historischen Zitaten“, unterstreicht das Büro Jo. Franzke Generalplaner GmbH diese Auffassung, weshalb das Preisgericht seinem Entwurf den Vorzug gegenüber der konsequent kubischen Architektur der Architekturbüros h4a Gessert + Randecker gegeben hat. Ziel und Anlass des Gutachtens war es, anstelle der bestehenden Gebäude auf dem Eckgrundstück Eberhard-/Stein-/Geißstraße ein multifunktionales Wohn- und Geschäftshaus zu errichten, das mit seiner Wertigkeit zum einen der zentralen und prominenten Lage gerecht wird und zum anderen auf die historische Altstadtbebauung in der Nachbarschaft städtebaulich und architektonisch angemessen reagiert.


Residential Maybachstraße, Frankfurt/Main

The residential in Maybachstrasse was planned and realised for ABG Frankfurt HOLDING GmbH on the former Batschkapp Areal. The cubature and the facade reflect the function of the house. The three storey building erects sculptural like from a solid base.


Renovation and new office building for DOW, Wiesbaden

The German Headquarter of "The DOW Chemical Company" will move from Schwalbach to Wiebaden. Based on the planning of Jo. Franzke Generalplaner GmbH, a new office building will be erected and three existing buildings will be renovated.

The new building fits well in the surrounding area. The new buidling is characterized by a facade with a metal bracket. The filigran Metall facade faces the River Rhine and the whole building is characterized by a stepped footing.

The inner parts are structured with the help of a special colour concept the makes the orientation easy for the employees and vistiors.


New residentials on former public transportation property, Frankfurt/Hoechst

Frankfurt's housing society erects new flats in Hoechst on the former territory of the public transportation company (VGF) a nursery and 250 flats in passive building type are going to be built.
On Wednesday, 21st of February, Frankfurt's principal Peter Feldmann and Frank Junker, CEO of ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING, informed the public of the project.


30 years Jo. Franzke Architekten - Backsight and prospects

In January 2017, Jo. Franzke Architekten has been transformed into Jo. Franzke Generalplaner GmbH. On February 2nd,  the office celebrated thirty years of existence. 300 guests from the political and economical sector, friends and colleagues joined the party. Boris Rhein, Minister for arts and scienes in Hesse, and INa Brandes, Sweco President Central Europe, brought their congratulations.


Ground-breaking ceremony, Frankfurt Maybachstrasse

December 12th, 2016

On December 12th, 2016, the ground-breaking ceremony for a new residential building in Frankfurt's Maybachstrasse took place. The residential with a supermarket will be erected on behold of ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING on the former "Batschkapp" area. The residential will contain 27 flats. 
The picture shows Ralf Scheffler, Head of "Batschkapp", Frank Junker, CEO of  ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING, Peter Feldmann, Mayor of Frankfurt, Jo. Franzke, und Bernd Föll, Expansion manager of REWE.


Jo. Franzke Architekten becomes part of the Sweco-Group

October, 24th 2016

Jo. Franzke Architekten becomes part of the Sweco-Group. On October 19th, the contract was signed at the Sweco office in Frankfurt/Main statt. Ina Brandes, President of Sweco Central Europe, welcomed Jo. Franzke and his team and is now looking forward to the cooperation.

After the registration in the commercial register, Jo. Franzke Architekten will be member of the Sweco Group but continue the planning as Jo. Franzke Architekten. Jo. Franzke, founder and former director, took this decision with the aim to guarantee the process of current and former projects and to establish a basis for the future of his team.

Sweco plans and designs the communities and cities of the future. Our work produces sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure and access to electricity and clean water. With 14,500 employees in Europe, we offer our customers the right expertise for every situation. We carry out projects in 70 countries annually throughout the world. Sweco is the leading engineering and architecture consultancy in Europe, with sales of approximately SEK 16.0 billion (EUR 1.7 billion) (pro forma 2015). The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


Kuhhirtenturm is shown on German Day of Monument

The Kuhhirtenturm in Frankfurt/Main Sachsenhausen is part of the Day of open Monuments, which takes place on September 11th. 
The Kuhhirtenturm which is used as a museum für the German composer Paul Hindemith who lived in the tower with his family in the 1930ies, will be open to the public from 11 to 15 p.m.


Jo. Franzke Architekten wins competition in Constance

After twelve months, the decision has finally been made: The draft of Jo. Franzke Architekten for the Vicentius Hospital area which will be converted into a housing area will be realised. The orthopedic hospital will move to another area, after that 110 flats will be realized together with the builder LBBW Immobilien.
Jo. Franzke Architekten earned the second prize in Juli 2015. After that the draft was modified. Esteemed beginning of the planning is 2018.  


30 buildings from three decades

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jo. Franzke Architekten, we selected thirty of our buildings to document them in a duotone-printed book. Christoph Mäckler, Rainer Schulze and Wolfgang Voigt comment on several buildings in three essays.
If you are interested in a copy, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


DGNB Gold for Mannheim

We are happy to announce that Mannheim's Palais auf den Planken by Jo. Franzke Architekten is certified as a DGNB Gold building.


Publication WeiterWohnen

The book "WeiterWohnen" gives 16 examples of model solutions for interior design, architecture and urban planning. All examples were laureated in the competition "Model building in Hesse" in 2014.


Neues Hotel am Ostbahnhof

Jo. Franzke is planning a new hotel an Frankfurt's Ostbahnhof. Close to the U-Bahn-Station and the new ECB headquarter, a new "Hampton by Hilton" is going to be erected under the employer Groß&Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaftmbh. The eight-storey-hotel offers 182 room and will by run by Primestar Hospitality. 


A highlight in the center of Mannheim

The Office Building at Planken is completed now. The historic model for the reconstruction is the so-called Palais Scherer, and dates back to 1923. 
The realization follows regulations on modern, efficient and barrier-free architecture but keeps the spirit and charme of the original building.


New residential in Eschersheim

In Frankfurt Eschersheim a new residential with 27 flats, a supermarket on ground level and a parking area in the basement will be built on the former Batschkapp area. The client is ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING GmbH. Cubature and facade of the building reflect on the functional and constructive aspects of the draft. The supermarket is more introverted. The flats are implemented in the building like figures in a display case. Loggias and balconies structure the facade and make it more vivid. The residential will be planned in passive building standard with massive poroton stones and covered with plaster. 


Residential building, Diplomatenviertel, Frankfurt/Main

Draft by Jo. Franzke Architekten until March, 2014
Realized in August, 2015

The similiarities are still obvious.


2. Prize Competition Vincentius-Areal

Jo. Franzke Architekten and Die Landschaftsarchitekten have won the 2nd prize at the competition für new flats on Vincentiusareal in Constance. The investor is LBBW Immobilen Development GmbH.

The jury lauded the qualities of the draft concerning its public and urbanistic qualities. The winner is Braun + Müller Architekten. 
The first and second placed drafts will be overworked now.


Innovation Award Architecture + Technical Devices

For the 16th time, the AIT magazine and xia magazine for Intelligent Architecture announced the awards for architectural and building technology. Jo. Franzke was member of the jury in March 2015.

The ceremony took place at Frankfurt Fair on March, 10th.


New flats for Leipzig's Wintergartenareal

LBW intends to erect two building with approximately 76 new flats on Wintergartenareal. Jo. Franzke Architekten plans building B and C, that combine flats and retail. 


Lecture at AKH

Within a series of lecture the AKH gives an insight in the planning of award-winnig residentials of the competition "Qualitätvolle Bauten in Hessen". On November, 6th, Liquid Architekten + Fay Architekten talk about the planning of "Haus W", Frankfurt Fechenheim, Jo. Franzke Architekten about the renewal of Heinrich-Lübke-Siedlung. 

The beginning ist at 7 p.m. 

at Bierstadter Str. 2, Wiesbaden.


New residentials in Frankfurt's Westend

Something is happening at the former Oberpostdirektion (regional post office administration).
Deutsche Office AG revealed plans to transform the 34,000 m2 cluster of buildings into the landmark “Westend Ensemble”. The proposed development combines the refurbished office building and a striking new build residential tower. The existing building will lose the aged postmodern additions which will be replaced by a recessed floor.The proposed residential tower will be 16 storeys comprising 400 apartments, ranging from 35 to 200 m2.The outline planning permission is already granted, a full planning permission will be submitted in early 2015. Deutsche Office AG seeks to attract additional partners to join them in developing this incomparable building ensemble.


Highrise exhibition at the DAM

From November, 8th until April, 19th, the D.A.M. will present an exhibition on Frankfurt's high rises. Alpha Rotex will be part of the exhibition.



Roofing ceremony Residential Main-Arkaden

Located in the vicinity of the river Main the area “Deutschherrenviertel” is one of the most attractive developments in Frankfurt. At the corner Gerbermühlstraße / Zum Gipfelhof the striking residential scheme  „Mainarkaden“ is the latest  addition to this unique part of the city. The Building comprises 6 levels of two to five bedroom apartments, 8 Townhouses with separate entrances and duplex  ”Roof houses” that feature spacious terraces. The building aims at the rental market. Arcades link the building to the adjacent blocks and closes the front to the Gerbermühlstrasse. The building follows the EnEV 2009 Standard.


Neighborhood center in the Heinrich Lübke estate receives “Exemplary Buildings in Hessen” award

The neighborhood center in the Heinrich Lübke estate received an award in the “Exemplary Buildings in Hessen” architecture prize. 

In its statement the jury, chaired by Prof. Thomas Jocher from Munich, praised “the commitment to the existing urban fabric and its 'enhancement' through the elegantly bent supermarket”, as well as the high-end finishing to the new housing and the detailing with the connecting 'Brutalist' concrete pedestal and the wide-span balcony.” All this, the statement continued, demonstrated the architects’ positive approach to the architecture of the era when the existing buildings were constructed and not only revealed how they identified with it but also testified to a far-ranging, rational, structuralist and at the same time free methodology fully in the spirit of the best representatives of New Building.

This time the theme of the triennial prize was “Residential Living and Lived Culture”. Of the 97 building projects considered, seven received an award and a further ten a special commendation. 

Built in the 1970s, the Heinrich Lübke estate in the Praunheim district of Frankfurt/Main is home to around 2,000 inhabitants living in some 600 apartments. With, in some cases, eight-storey residential buildings and open spaces no longer in tune with the times, the quarter stood out for being badly in need of refurbishment. Overly high densities, dark passageways with poor visibility from the outside, and a lack of shopping facilities impacted negatively on the quality of life on the estate. To a large extent the existing shopping center in the quarter stood empty.

On behalf of ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING, from 2010 to 2014 the quarter was given additional height and its quality upgraded as part of the “New Living in Frankfurt” project, itself part of the “Frankfurt for everyone – prospects for action for the international city of Frankfurt am Main” initiative.


Jo. Franzke Architekten at Tag der Architektur 2014

We are happy to present two projects during this years' "Tag der Architektur": Alpha Rotex at Gateway Gardens at Frankfurter Airport and the restructuring and new residential building at Heinrich-Lübke-Siedlung.

Alpha Rotex, with its height around 68 metres the highest highrise at Frankfurter International Airport, will be presented on Sunday, 29th of June 2014 at 11 p.m

Please contact us if you intend to join the Alpha Rotex tour:

The Heinrich-Lübke-Siedlung can be attended on Sunday, 29th of June 2014 at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. 
For this tour there is no application necessary.


Recognition in the competition Wohnen am Dom Erfurt


Always open to outstanding candidates

Currently there are no vacancies to be filled. However, we are always happy to receive unsolicited applications from experienced construction managers and construction planners.


New Center at the Heinrich-Lübke-settlement

On 12 December opened the Rewe supermarket in the Heinrich-Lübke-settlement. For the ABG CEO Frank Junker new shopping facilities with lush assortment and large exhibition space is "a quantum leap for the entire settlement." Now the district has a center back.


Hansaallee gets Green Building Award

On 19 November 2013 the residential building on Hansaallee gets the architecture award FrankfurtRhineMain Green Building of the Year 2013 in category "Residential Building Construction". The client is the ABG Frankfurt Holding.

For more information:


Alpha Rotex completed

The office building Alpha Rotex is almost completed.

In the 68-meter-high building in the Quartier Gateway Gardens, with its triangular layout viewed from above like a rotor looks that revolves around the core of the building, has been drafted as a tenant DB Schenker.


Visit website:


Westsite residential in planning

A new residential will be erected in Mainzer Landstraße. "Westsite", an eight-storey-building, is segmented in six single housing types and segmented in 123 flats. A supermarket will be positioned on the ground floor.


Badge is placed at Kuhhirtenturm

On May 2nd, Olaf Cunitz, Mayor of Frankfurt, an Felix Semmelroth, head of the Cultural Department of Frankfurt, revealed the badge that marks the Kuhhirtenturm as a monument that is honoured with the Hessian Monument Conservation Prizes.

The prize was given in Septemeber 2012 to the Fondation Hindemith, which transformed in cooperation with the Municipality of Frankfurt the medieval tower and former residential of the composer Paul Hindemith into a museum with chamber music room. Planning services were done by Jo. Franzke.